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Our mission is to enhance smokers’ enjoyment by producing and distributing the finest quality RYO and MYO products in the marketplace. We ensure this in two ways; First by giving our customers a wide range of high quality Roll-Your-Own products. Each product boasts of unique style or caters to a particular market place. Through this type of innovation, we ensure that our customers get what they expect from us, and we continue to be #1 in our market segment by a large margin. Wait until you see what products we have up our sleeves. Our customers already know that “there’s always something new at (THC).”It takes excellence in many areas to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

At THC, we're proud of our manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, fine R&D, the top certifications and the best practices we follow.

As a work culture we believe in an environment that promotes innovation, participation and teamwork. We have a strong focus on talent management, competency development, training the sales force and the commitment to impart education to channel partners. But what truly sets us apart is our Distribution strength, our ‘speed-to-market'.

THC has multi-product and multi-channel distribution capabilities and one of the largest networks in India. The capability to leverage this network has been a major factor in the successes of our products and new launches.