Suave smoking cones for partygoers!

With Club Malana pre-rolled smoking cones, every smoke will feel like a grand party! Our party themed smoking cones offer a rich and suave smoking experience every time you light up. What’s more is that you won’t face the troubles of rolling at all!

White smoking cones for party lovers

Who doesn’t love a party? But rolling your own smokes at a party can ruin the entire experience. Club Malana pre-rolled smoking cones offer you a way around this. Simply load in your favourite tobacco blend or choice of dry herbs into our cones, twist the top and light up!

Club Malana smoking cones are specially designed for modern day partygoers. These smoking cones feature a classic design and are made out of high quality bleached white rolling paper. They even come pre-equipped with an ultra-smooth filter to offer a smooth throat hit with no harshness at all.

Premium quality manufactured to high standards

With Club Malana pre-rolled smoking cones, you get to enjoy premium quality smokes every single time. Each and every smoking cone is manufactured with great precision to offer you a sublime smoking experience.

We make use of ultra-thin, slow burning and lightweight paper and our cones exhibit uniform size and consistency. Moreover, the filters that we use are designed to allow smoke to pass through freely, while blocking out all tar. This allows you to take long, full drags without any worries of harshness.

We follow a well-defined process in manufacturing our cones and follow a slow production process. Unlike other cheap smoking cones, we do not use artificial glue in our products. Our smoking cones go through a complete drying cycle, which makes them the finest in the market.

King sized smokes

Club Malana pre-rolled smoking cones are king sized cones with an overall length of 109mm. Every single cone features a 1¼ funnel of uniform consistency.

Suitable for all blends

Whether you want to roll your favourite blend of tobacco or dry herbs, Club Malana smoking cones are the perfect solution. Simply crush your tobacco or herb finely and load it in the cone, but not too tightly. Once you’ve filled to the top, just twist the paper at the top of the cone and light up.

Using Club Malana smoking cones is so easy, that even if you’re using it for the first time, you won’t face any hassles at all! Even if you’re a rolling guru, you’re sure to appreciate the fact that our smoking cones always offer uniform thickness and consistency.

Available in a range of options

Whether you party only once in a while, or you party every day, we have something in store for you. Club Malana smoking cones are available in a box of 10 cones, a box of 56 cones and a monster box of 2000 cones. All you need to do is choose a box as per your requirements and enjoy a great smoke every single time!

Treat yourself and your friends to a grand smoking experience at your next party with our pre-rolled smoking cones.

Buy a box of Club Malana smoking cones today!