8 Marijuana Hacks You Should Try Once

No one can deny that weed makes you more productive, creative and even happier. But for every cannabis there would be an issue with its innovation technique. Like pipes and how logged they get! With their pricing and other related things. Here are some of the hacks that a stoner shall try once to improve overall smoking experience.

1. Spread Honey over Rolled Joints

Honey the sweetest of all, isn’t it? But it is also a great way to burn your joints quickly.

You just have to pour a small drop and rub it over the rolled fingers and enjoy the smoking.

2. Use of Constructive Papers

Light and heat can adversely affect on the quality of smoking. Use a black constructive paper that protects your bud and cut the piece according the size of jar and places it inside to keep your weed fresh.

3. Use of Scissor and Shot Glass

Shot glass trick and scissors is another hack for stoner. Use a shot glass and scissor and put your bud into the glass and cut it into fine bits. This method is used when the stoner has carpal tunnel syndrome or don’t feel like using his wrist.

4. Mint Munchies Work the Best

Mint munchies can be indulge every now and then, but if you are habitual smoker, you should avoid this. Avoid eating down the full packet of Oreo after smoking and try mint munchies or mint sticks.

5. Invest in Nice Vape

Even if you are or not the habitual stoner you must have a good vaporizer which is clean, odorless and make a great use of your marijuana. It keeps your lungs healthy and you can adjust the temperature of your liking.

6. Recycle the Leftover Marijuana Stems

Have leftover seeds? Don’t throw them; instead you can use them in your tea. They make really good THC teas. Just ground them before using put the stems in your teapot and add some regular tea leaves and other ingredients strain it and you are god to go.

7. Use of Safety Pin or Bobby Pin

This weed hack is known for years and it is because they are so handy and so simple to suck. If your joints are low enough and cannot singe your fingers use a bobby pin or safety pin to smoke.

8. Get High when you are Feeling Good

Weed or marijuana can help with several ailments such as depression, anxiety, etc. But the habitual smokers know when the best time is, not when you are feeling bad or just laying on the bed. It is when you are being more productive and active. Even the daily- chores of house can boost your energy. You can also have yoga or do long run which will also help you to be more active and high on energy. There’s no harm in lying on bed now and then and smoke but while getting high being in a good mood or do something productive is much better!

What do you think of these hacks? One can surely try some of them at home being active and productive.
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